Shalom and welcom to my website.
 My name is Dan Cristal 

  I'm a training specialist, groups' moderator and an HPCM©® organizational consultant.
  My expertise is in enhancing managers and teams in their "soft skills" performances.
  My service is a "tailor-made" service, focusing on empowering your personal, professional and organizational performances,  
  and is based on rich and diverse experience, of more than 20 years of training different trainees in various organizations:
  public, private, commercial and industrial.

 The training is aimed to improve your management qualities and leadership skills, as well as to improve your team work,
 but it affect on other aspects of your organizational activity, such as:

 * H.R management.
 * Customer service.
 * Manufacturing processes.   
 * Marketing and sales.
  During the years I gained my international experience by serving and training hundreds of managers and 
  senior executives  from Asia, Latin-America and Africa, and this experience serves you for the  best. 

  A short clip introducing my international experience - you can find here
  What do I do in my training? Here's a short clip for your impression - here

 With in it, I even had the privilege to take a part in training the senior mangers of the P.A  of the Republic of South-Sudan
 and to contribute my modest part in building this new nation. 
 A short clip from those training-programs, you can  find - here
 I will be glad to share with you my knowledge and experience in a mutual experience of study, growth and success.
 For personal respond - from me to you - please click here
 For your success,


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